Have You Heard the News Today? 2015
Fabric, thread, lace, sreen-printing ink, brass rings, aluminum washer and stamped part, plastic goggle-eye, jade glue, fusible adhesive on a a very bad contemporary tapestry copy of Giotto’s Flight into Egypt.
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Text at top: GOD WILL PROVIDE?
Text upper left: Suddenly death happened every day.
Text lower left: Accused of promoting western values and questioning authority
Text below continuing sequentially: who did this?/ creature of flesh/ Ain’t life a bitch? / foul and stinking/ refused to let his son join the Holy War
Dialogue of Virgin and Baby Jesus: Why does God allow/ such suffering, Mama? / I don’t know honey! / Ask your father.
Text right top down: Angel: Has it come to this?
Couple: We have our own problems, / an important dinner party tonight./ Yes, and the cook and my maid were just deported.
Old man: They have closed the border! / We will have to go through / the mountains.