The Dolphin’s Smile
closed and bound, 2015
21 x 14 x 3/5 inches
Fabric, thread, screen-printing ink, lace, plastic button, fusible button, thread-wrapped metal hook and eye, archival board.
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Title Page Text: The Dolphin’s Smile by China Marks 2015

Page 1 - 34 x 37 inches
Text: Come Back!

Pages 2-3 - 34 x 37 inches
Text top, left to right: Lost control of your emotions? / In the grip of morbid fantasy?
Text mid center: No! I won’t come back! / Text to right: And then…

Pages 4-5 - 34 x 37 inches
Text top left to right: Struggling with depression? / Manic and paranoid?
Text mid center and to the right: I wish I were dead! / The government is using/ microwaves to read my mind/and it is frying my brain! Text center below: If I could just stop crying…

Pages 6-7 - 34 x 37 inches
Text top left: An Amazing Medical Breakthrough! / Text at left below: C-Pleez,/an extract of a rare sea plant, restores mental health/ in 10 days!/ All natural! / Buy it and Try it! /
Text right center: That’s why the dolphin’s smile

Page 8 - 34 x 37 inches
(no text)