Ask Mary! 2016
total open size 138 x 23.5 inches
Fabric, thread, lace, plastic goggle-eyes, Jade glue, sequins, bakelite washers, horsehair, buttons, screen-printing ink, fusible adhesive on a contemporary tapestry copy of Bellini’s Pieta, book board.
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Title Page
Text, bottom to top: 2016—China/Marks—But what really happened?—Ask Mary!

Page 1:
Text, left to right: My poor son!/ No one knows the real story!—And it’s not over yet.

Page 2:
Text, top, left to right: Don’t be silly!—First of all it was a collective decision.
Text midway, left to right: Might be better to blow it up/ and start all over again.—
I’ll volunteer my som!—Well, in that case…

Page 3:
Text left tbottom to top: Didn’t we kill all the elephants?—He’s not an elephant./ That’s a mask /
for breathing under water./ But you’ll kill him anyway.
Text top center: (Fished from the River of Time)
Text right midwaw: Wake up big guy,/ time to play god!
Text right bottom: And it wasn’t an immaculate conception,/ but it did the trick, so who cares?

Page 4:
Text top center: Once poeple found out/ that hes touch could heal,/ they never left him alone.
Text left to right: Heal me, Lord!—I was blind but now I see!
Text bottom left: He blocked an attack with one glance./ The authorities hushed it up.

Page 5:
Text top, left to right: Bring the cross!—I don’t think that he realized/ they weren’t going to let him go/
until they nailed him to the cross.
Text below left: Washed in the blood of the Lamb!
Text below right: And except for family and a few followers/ no one cared. What a hard death!