Where Duppies Dance with the Damned, 2014.
An accordion book.
18" x 12" x 3" closed.
18" x 109" fully extended.
Fabric, thread, silk-screen ink, fusible adhesive,Jade glue,
India ink, blood, museum board.
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Title Page. 18" x 12"
Text from top: Where Duppies Dance with the Damned/
China Marks 2014. This is too scary for you, little guy!
Better stick with Disney!/ Cerberus.

Pp. 1-2, 18" x 24"
Text at bottom: A year ago, in debt to card sharps, he sold his soul to a stranger at a bar near the bus depot./ Six months later, sure she wouldn't mind, he returned to sell his mother's soul./ Then he suddenly started winning at cards and forgot all about it.
Text above: This must be some kind of misunderstanding!/ Bullshit!/ No misunderstanding--we've come/ to take your souls! Tom, what have you done?. These fellows mean business!

Pp. 3-4, 18" x 24"
Text at bottom: The damned because it hurts even more to stand still on the burning floor./ Demons and duppies dance alongside to torment and abuse them./ Endless groaning, pounding, clanging screams...
Text at top: Remember how we used to love to dance, Jerry?/ Oh shut up, Arlene!/ (A murder/suicide,/fused together/ for eternity.)/ When can I disembowel her?/Dance faster, you piece of filth,/ and keep those arms high!/ (The wires deliver electric shocks!) The damned keep their bodies after death and suffer accordingly.

Pp. 5-6, 18" x 24"
Text at bottom: This depiction of hell comes from two remarkably similar accounts 400 years apart/ telling of gruesome dancing and a devil with a bird-like companion./ However well documented, this hell is only one of many, for the living as well as the dead.
Text at top: A mother and son will arrive at any moment./ The son merits special attention./ Let me have the woman!/ Holy Christ!/ The vision of a mystic in 1463/ This isn't on the map!/ What a cyclist saw in 1879/ when he took a wrong turn on a tour of Arizona.

Pp. 7-8, 18" x 24"
Text left to right: What does she mean by "many hells"?/ Isn't one enough?/ It doesn't seem so. The dead can end up/ in one of several hells sponsored by/ major and minor religions. Then there are all the public and private / living hells--wherever human being or animals suffer needlessly./ We can be such brutes!/ the end