Fighting Words, 2013
49.5" x 60"
Fabric, lace, thread, fusible
adhesive, silk-screen ink, Jade glue, glass and plastic beads.

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Text left at top: You look ridiculous,/ Like a walking trash heap! / Do the world a favor/ And let me tear you apart! Text at far left: Leave Spotty Half-Pot / alone, Mister! Text, center top: The Florida Phantom/ aTropical Terror/ vs. / Spotty Half-Pot / the Children's Friend. Text, far right: Of course I look ridiculous, / I work on / a local children's show / And the goofier the better! / You call yourself a phantom, when you're/just a flaming fool / with a cheap map of Florida / for a face. / That's really stupid! Text bottom center, left to right: Wasn't the Florida Phantom/ a professional wrestler?Wasn't this supposed / to be a real fight? I watched the Spotty Half-Pot Show / till I left for college! / Love his costume!