A Foreign Affair, 2013
43.5" x 56"
Fabric, thread, fusible adhesive.

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Sailor at left: I don't remember what I told her, / I'd had a lot to drink that night. / Tho' after two months at sea,/ I would have said anything / To get some loving. / But that was almost a year ago, / In another country. / I never dreamed / she'd fly to the States / And make trouble/ for us! / Wife, top and at right: You told this young woman / That you lived with your widowed sister. / Joseph, I am your wife! / How could you disavow me? / You rat!
Girlfriend, at center: You never said / you were married!
Commentary, below at center: The Sailor finally tells the truth, and is surprised / when the women in his life take it personally...