Home for the Holidays, 2012
26.75" x 31" (irregular)
Fabric, thread, silk-screen ink, plastic beads, metal button, coated copper wire, mounted colored stone, fusible adhesive.
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Text from top down and across: It is wonderful/to have Everyone home/ for the holidays!
Time for a drink/don't you/think?
My friends at school /will never believe this.
Little Eunice/ has certainly/ grown up!
Merry Christmas, Everybody,/ I've brought the tree!
The Train was late, I couldn't/find a taxi, and I still/have to change.../ my God, isn't/ that Henry?
I understand that his friends/ call him Trigger!
What are you getting/ for Christmas?
My parents/ will give me/ whatever I want,/ but I only know/ what I don't want!